Ngong Hills

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  1. Rajan Jamnadass says:

    On the contrary you should be saying that “on an UNLUCKY day you are likely to encounter buffaloes on the fourth hill….as an encounter with a buffalo can potentially be the last encounter you will ever have!!!

    • JamboNairobi says:

      Thanks for your observation Rajan :) I’m sure many will agree with your view. I’ve had the pleasure of buffalo encounters once in Ngong Hills and another time at Ol Donyo Sabuk, and although things could have gone south at the blink of an eye, I was fortunate both times. Fortunate for the sightings, and for coming through them unharmed.

  2. vaishali patel says:

    would love to do hiking

    • moshila peter says:

      Jambo vaishali.
      Its nice toi see your coment.Im one of the guides to the and you could contact me if you stil would like to explore the beauty of the Ngong Hills.

  3. vyjaih qawthryn says:

    ad love 2 go there who should i contact for more information

    • moshila peter says:

      Jambo vjaih
      Im not sure if you are stil intrested to do the hike over the beautifull ngong Hills like you mentioned but you could contact me whenever you have time.
      Im one of the guides and dont mind sharing the infor or be your guide.there are also a few contacts given on this website that can help you get along.

  4. moshila peter says:

    Very helpful website.keep it up.

  5. janet says:

    I think for serious hiker(s) it better to approach from corner baridi so that one climbs many( 12) hills. From ngong side only four hills can challenge. I hike every Saturday and its fun.
    But the information you have posted is very helpful.

  6. Win says:

    Ngong hills charge 200pp as of August 2013.

  7. Robert says:

    Question: if one wants to hike from Ngong town to Kona Baridi, does anyone know (with 100% confidence) whether the little white public-transport “Proboxes” still move up and down the escarpment between Oltepesi and Kiserian (as of Oct 2013)? It would not be good to arrive at the road and find we need to walk all the way back to Ngong… Thanks in advance for your advice!

  8. shicqouh says:

    what r the entry charges n horse ridding charges??

  9. shaz says:

    i would like to ask if you offer camping at ngong hills. if you do please contact me on the charges. thanks

  10. seth mwali says:


  11. seth mwali says:


  12. ricky says:

    i did a remakable 40 mins up nd 30 mins back on my first day hiking i topped my group and enjoyed it only problem is cold currents if u finish hiking toooo late in the evening….it was fun am a strong guy dont try push ur limits

  13. Joan says:

    my group of 60 people are planning to come for hiking on 31st July 2016, kindly advise a group entry rate and the current situation in regards to security

    • LivinginNairobi says:

      I fear you might not get a response from KFS since they do not monitor this website. I would suggest you give them a call instead, or better yet call one of the guides listed above.

  1. June 13, 2013

    […] If you love hiking, you must visit the Ngong Hills. From a distance the hills look like they are four of them, but they are actually about seven. They’ll give you a good work-out…. believe me. Carry water and a hat to prevent sun burn. Make sure you get a guide for protection, and avoid going there after 3 p.m. There’s also a chance of seeing some buffalo on the way. Visit this link to see more details…. […]

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