Maasai Market

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14 Responses

  1. masido says:

    thanks 4 this. i have been meaning 2 track the traders cuz i manage 2 catch em near KICC on sundays. Could you help me with the numbers of matatus i should board?

  2. Heba Masriyah says:

    Thanks a lot for the info

  3. brettah says:

    is it pssible to get a blanket that has african animals eg. lion, girraffe etc there? if not pliz give suggestions where to get. thanx

  4. Jamila says:

    does anyone know if price level for all massai markets is comparable? know the one at Kijabe street but won’t be in NBO on a tuesday this time…what’s about the one at Junction???

  5. dama says:

    please let me know if the westgate market is still on i would like to know where the market is today tuesday

  6. francis says:

    Hey people,i am one of the massai market seller,i am available in 3 of the market days.i also have a workshop in dornhorm were its open all days of the week from 8am-6pm.we have different products from earings,bangles,necleas,rings,buskets,all animations,belts,keyholders,openers,sandles,shoes,vitenge,vikoi,pots,t-shirts and many more and we can craft them according to your test e.g with your name,size ,flag and colour.we also print t-shirts.our products are made from different materials like wood,stones,animal bones and horns,leather,beads,seeds,aluminium and many more.feel free to post your order anytime from 0716428926,0722582370 or email

  7. Good morning,I am an employee of Beth international but would like to start selling bead-work from Maasai market but do not know how to go about it.I would like to join Kamata music school to study piano and Deejaying and I am also a part time student at Fourth dimension computer college in Nairobi.I have heard that bead-work is a really good business and would like some advice on where to buy them, how to sell them andfor how much.Thank you in advance.

  8. Merab Bowers says:

    Where will the Maasai market be on Friday March 28th/14

  9. Katrina Kay says:

    soko iko wapi leo?

    • JamboNairobi says:

      Try the location off Kijabe Street. You could approach it from Norfolk Hotel or Globe Cinema roundabout.

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